Can It Last?

How Long Do Magnetic Bracelets Last?

Once you start to wear a magnetic bracelet and realize that it is having a positive influence on your health and well-being you naturally want it to last as long as possible but how long do magnetic bracelets last?

Should one expect it to last as long as a watch or longer? The answer to this question is 2-fold. Firstly, of course it depends on the make and quality of the magnetic bracelet and secondly the usage, specifically, how one wears it.

The following considerations attempt to answer how long a bracelet can last (theoretically, forever) and perhaps, how many bracelets one should get.....

Wear and Tear
Magnetic bracelets,a s with every other item, wears and tears to some extent, even if it is made out of tungsten, it. It is true that metals like titanium and tungsten carbide can stay intact forever. However, in a magnetic bracelet, bear in mind that the magnets are inclusions and the clasps and links might be of another materials and structure.

 If you use your hands a lot and work physically your bracelet could wear and tear faster. With a softer metal for the bracelet, this will show in the shape of dents and scratches. Even so, you can make the bracelet last longer by regular clean ups where you remove dirt and scratches to make it stay pretty and effective.

 The Strength of the Magnets
High quality neodymium magnets do not lose their strength, period!

Therefore, a bracelet with permanent magnets will not lose its effect even if you wear it till your last breath.

 Studies have shown that bracelets neodymium magnets lose about 1% of their strength every 10th year. With magnetic braceles of at least 1,000-3,500 Gauss, you can expect a quality magnetic bracelet to last for at least a few decades.

Normal usage and simple regular maintenance to keep it clean will mean your bracelet will be one of your dearest accessories that never let you down. The recommendation then will be to get a bracelet with the best matieral you can afford that is suitable for your usage and purpose. Sporty people, for example, will need to get metals that can handle rough wear and tear. Likewise, a bracelet with inclusions like crystals or special patterns of gold or highly-polished finishing should probably be worn as you would a piece of fine jewelry and not worn on a camping trip in the wild!

A Fashion Statement
A magnetic bracelet is not only an investment for your health. As a fashion statement, it can serve to match with your outfits and other accessories.

The bracelet keeps its shape for years. Yet, the best designed bracelet will not suit every purpose and occasion. That’s when having new styles will allow a rotation to fit your mood for the day, yet not lose out on the healing benefits of the magnetic bracelets!


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